Kristina Rose Garcia

Bronx Poet & Artist

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My worlds.

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies ——Is all I need. Spent too long neglected and it affected my esteem. Stopped trying to be heard or seen instead doused myself in gasoline for the fire- chasing liars and charring things I love, burning all that I desire. Warm bodies like new hobbies. Lingering in lobbies; Couple nights of fun beforeContinue reading “Warm Bodies”

Chapter 34

Am I who I want to be? Or what people want to see? Occupying only the space they allow me- I am free. Happy with my becoming. Once I was running but now I stand, taking root in fertile land, heart in hand. – Kristina Rose Garcia [2021]

Dive In

It’s under my surface; Always. The irritation rains, collected. Irrigation to the guilt garden in my brain. A thing with no name and shameless fame occupying the spaces between myself and the sane. Built different. Small differences lead to false inferences and does anyone really know who I am; Do you dare dive deeper toContinue reading “Dive In”

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