Easy Way

Mama said we got money.
Don't worry honey -

but use one tissue instead of two -
If you grew up in a house with tissue boxes or 
like us, it came off the toilet paper roll before you blew.

Did you rinse your cans,
cause roaches.
Broaches issues you don't understand.
Careful, said Mama.
Don't step in the pile.
Flakes fallen from the fridge, 
swept peeled metal
and we haven't heard from the landlord in awhile. 

X marks the treasure or drawer
Taped in place so no one makes the mistake of opening it and breaking it more,
the cabinet is only good for the door.

Holes in the roof and the proof is in the squirrels.
They whirl around, permanent tenants
and damn these walls are thin because
I hear them scratch. 

We don't kill the bees because they don't sting,
and are pollinators;
But really we keep them
because we can't afford the terminator.

Mama thinks I don't know. She doesn't let poor show.
I'm the only kid I know with nothing and everything.
Tied neatly together with sparkly string,
daydreaming what it would have done to my soul
had I not climbed from the hole that stole the easy way,
born with all the things but empty lingers on fingertips and lips. 

Published by misskris726

Bronx poet, artist and educator.

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