Dive In

It's under my surface;

The irritation rains, collected.
Irrigation to the guilt garden in my brain.
A thing with no name and shameless fame
occupying the spaces between myself and the sane. 

Built different.
Small differences lead to false inferences
and does anyone
really know 
who I am;
Do you dare dive deeper to understand?

If you can.
I've yet to meet a man worthy to navigate this land. 
Hold my hand.
Leap over rivers to dry ground and stand. 
Smile at the storm 
you can't outrun the rain.
Trust you'll soon get to your bed,
a dry pillow for your head to dream of things the heart sees. 
Informing yet equally frightening.

Storm, lightning 
are only temporary.
Soon a distant memory.

It’s under the surface of my sea.
Dive down deep
But come up for air 
to lay on my sunny beaches,
while I sing of things the ocean teaches. 

Kristina Rose Garcia [2021]

Published by misskris726

Bronx poet, artist and educator.

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