Tomorrow they burn what's left of you.

Trying to hold on to the good
and I should
You'd want it -
I mourn you immensely Shelly.
It haunts me. 
To have seen you hours before your last breath;

To have said goodbye the day of your death.
A chance many never get.
And at a glance, to live without regret 
is the one safe bet I made 
with you.
Our bond was true and words inspired you too.
Poetry safekeeping what our hearts and souls were weeping 
and sweeping away put to life with pen and page.
The cleansing sage to put poetry to the rage. 
Beyond the blue is a clue to why this all went the way it did,
to see your life lost, to lose a kid. 

Taken. Tossed under a lid and I forbid to let you 
end there;
No way.
Just saying it out loud clouds my brain
and the floor is wet from all this rain,
my windows open and the storm coming right through
ever since I left you.

Tonight and many I cry for you
Shelly bean to Shelly boo, 
Shelly rises to Shelly two.
Your name is 
in the stars-
And I'll 
follow you 
far out to sea-
And you can carry me
And I carry you
Shelly boo

Published by misskris726

Bronx poet, artist and educator.

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